Brussels Urban Classical ( in short B.U.C) is an exclusive and innovative event taking place in the heart of the European district combining classical music and urban arts.


Imagine a rapper reciting his lyrics on the contemporary compositions of a classical pianist or a beatboxer improvising to the melodies of a violinist.

Through this project, the co-organisers Aperohit Asbl and Abyssin Productions wish to bring together these two seemingly opposite worlds (classical and urban) in order to promote a new kind of artistic creation conceived and performed exclusively during the dedicated events, all this in a casual atmosphere.


These exchanges between performers from different backgrounds not only allow them to perform their music in new forms, but also and above all before new audiences, thus allowing them to considerably expand their outreach.

On the other hand, it opens the interest of these audiences to new musical genres.


Therefore, in addition to its function of artistic production and performance, the B.U.C. project aims to promote the cultural mix in Brussels, encourage exchanges between different socio-cultural backgrounds and facilitate their access to new audiences.

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